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Why get Pool Heating?

Pool heating might seem like a luxury item or unnecessary expense (especially if you’ve recently saved for a new pool) but it can literally transform your swim experience! Are you currently using your pool every so often – maybe on those scorcher days when the chilly pool water is a welcomed relief from the heat? Do you watch your kids brave the icy water and wish you could join them? Do you ever feel guilty for having good intentions investing in a beautiful pool but wish you could get the most out of it? Don’t worry – we understand! That’s where pool heating comes in and helps you enjoy your pool for longer!

Water has the highest heat capacity of all liquids, which means it takes the longest and most energy to heat but the good news is it also takes the longest to cool down. If you leave out a bucket of sand and a bucket of water on a hot day the bucket of sand will get considerably hotter faster compared to the bucket of water even though they have both absorbed the same amount of solar energy over the same period of time. Or a pot of oil heats quicker than water on a stove. This is why water is used in industries as a coolant and why it is beneficial in mammals such as humans to help regulate our temperature.

This is handy to know as it puts into perspective how a pool holding a large volume of water can take a long time to heat from sun-rays or atmospheric heat alone. And in order for us to enjoy our pools at a comfortable warm temperature for extended seasons (a lot more than just one or two months) we need the help of Pool Heating.

There are a few pool heating systems and options that work in different ways to heat your pool – they are solar, electric and gas. Learn more about each option here or compare the potential pros and cons here: “Compare Pool Heating Systems!”

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