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Flexible Strip Solar install on a Colorbond roof.

Kwik Lok manifold close up, with a enough length in the solar collector to allow for expansion and contraction that occurs with changes in temperature.

Flexible Strip Solar install on a shed roof.

Downunder thermal blanket install with new pool.

Solar pool heating instal on a flat ribbed colourbond roof.

Rigid Panel install.

Rigid Panels.

Maximising the available north/West roof face on this solar pool heating install on the shed roof.

Flexible Strip Solar install on shed roof.

Solar Pool Heating on a North facing roof. The top couple of strips had to be adjusted to allow for the existing solar PV panels.

Flexible strip solar pool heating.

The advantages of flexible strip solar pool heating allows for versatility. This install was wrapped around a roof hip on a North and West roof face to get all the solar required for the clients pool heating needs.

Solar Pool heating install double wrap around on a North, East, and North facing roof. This install also has an angled manifold on the roof face above the pool equipment.

Solar installation on both sides of this low pitch shed roof, the majority of this installation was installed on the West face as it will receive the Sun in the afternoon when the sun is at its hottest.

This Solar heating installation was replacing non Sunbather system that hadn't stood the test of time. The previous installation had pulled itself out of the manifold during extreme changes in temperature. Installed correctly to allow for enough expansion and contraction this Sunbather system comes with a 15 year warranty that it will easily outlive.

West and East, low pitch Shed roof installation was installed in Shepparton resulting in a very satisfied customer.

Wall pipes run directly above the pool equipment sending this pools lucky water molecules through this Sunbather flexible strip solar.

A close up of a Sunbather Kwik-Lok manifold with pressure gauge installed on the push line.

This solar pool heating was installed over two sheets of Laserlite. The holes in the flexible strip solar allow light penetration.

Suntube-2 rigid panel solar collector installed instead of flexible strips as cockatoos were a concern. With the Suntube-2, cockatoos don't stand a chance of damaging this clients solar pool heating investment.

During construction of this new house build we had the wallpipes run internally to really help give the new residents that clean modern look.

Suntube-2 solar pool heating is a modular system that comes 600mm wide and the lengths starting at 1280mm go all the way up to 4280mm.

Solar pool heating to compliment the solar PV panels. This client is doing everything they can to reduce their carbon footprint as well as save themselves money.

This pool heating installation was completed to the satisfaction of the customer to be enjoyed for years to come.

Sunbather flexible strip solar pool heating.

Many civilisations have worshipped the Sun and why wouldn't you, after all it is the gift that keeps on giving.

Solar pool heating installed directly below evacuated tubes.

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