Here at VIC Pool Heating we supply and install the best quality Australian made pool heating options and accessories. 

We are a Sunbather solar dealer and feel good about supplying our customers with their products.

Sunbather is an Australian company who manufacture superior and innovative solar pool heating systems locally at Hastings, Victoria.

They are the leaders in their industry and are the most awarded solar pool heating company in Australia.


Customer Favorite

Flexible Strip solar is the most common form of solar collector that we install at VIC Pool Heating.
It is a popular and cost effective product and a highly efficient form of pool heating. 
The benefits of solar pool heating make it a simple decision - not only extending the swimming season but doing it for as little as $90 per year in running costs. 
We use Flexible Strip solar made from the highest quality PVC based material 'HiPec' manufactured by Sunbather. 
Not only the highest efficiency solar on the market but also backed by a 15 year product warranty.

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Made to order

Made from the same great material (HiPec) as Flexible Strips but finished with a low profile on the ends instead of the standard loop around. 
This product is great when you're after a sleek look on a visible roof.

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Cockatoo Proof

The rigid panel is a modular design and hard wearing product, which can withstand all that nature has to throw at it.
It is bird and rodent proof and ideal for homes or businesses with cockatoo problems. 
This product comes with a 15 year guarantee.
The Sunbather Rigid Panel Solar won the 2019 National Sustainable Product of the Year, SPASA Awards of Excellence.

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Above Ground Roller

Thermal blankets are designed to keep the heat in and are very efficient at preventing water loss through evaporation.  
With a thermal blanket installed on your pool you can save on water, pool cleaning, pool chemicals and energy costs.
In some states pool covers are mandatory especially while using Electric or Gas pool heating.

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Downunder (in ground) covers sit completely flush with the surrounding paving. 
It is an easy addition to new pools as the unit is concreted below ground level next to the swimming pool, with paving flush with the lid.
This is an awesome product that is becoming very popular not only for its sleek and discrete look, but especially for households that want to reduce ongoing operating costs while significantly extending their swimming season.

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Year-round Heating

A gas heater can be a great addition to your solar pool heating. It can be used year-round, day and night as a booster while still keeping running cost to a minimum.
Gas pool heaters can also be run as a stand alone option if desired.

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Electric heat pumps work by extracting heat from the outside air and pumping it into the pool water. 
This is a very efficient way of heating your pool year-round especially during low-light days and at night when solar lags. 
The added bonus of wifi control enables you to set your pool temp via smartphone, PC or tablet wherever you are.

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Our installation and products are top quality with long warranties but we still recommend you have your system serviced on a one to two yearly basis.

Regular services ensure that your system is running efficiently to maximise output and to extend the life of your system and products beyond their guarantees.

We can also help you out if your system needs a repair - even if it is another brand. 




If your iron roof and or guttering is rusted and leaking we can replace it for you. Whether it's related to a leaking solar pool heating system or other factors we have you covered.


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