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Why choose Sunbather solar pool heating?

Sunbather Solar Pool Heating and Covers have been around for over 45 years. Not only are they Australia’s oldest solar pool heating company they are also the biggest - with the largest dealer and installation network. Not that age and size always means best, but in this case it does and a plethora of industry awards justify Sunbather’s reputation for high quality! Australian made also means made for our climate and clientele, so you know that Sunbather solar pool heating systems will actually perform and last!

Innovation & Awards-

Sunbather is the most awarded solar pool heating and pool cover company in Australia. The company, along with their products have been industry recognised for Sustainability, Business Excellence, Product of the Year and Product Innovation. See their list of awards here. In 2019 alone, Sunbather received 16 awards by SPASA Australia (Swimming Pool and Spa Association) who are the peak industry body in the southern hemisphere.


An Australian company with Australian designed and manufactured products sadly sounds like a thing of the past for many industries - but luckily for the pool heating industry Sunbather is dinky-di!

They understand the Australian clientele and the pool heating products we prefer to use and the way we like to use them. Overseas companies and products just can’t quite match that level of empathy.


Apart from the patriotic spirit Australian made products are important for durability! Sunbather understands our weather conditions and the wear and tear pool heating systems endure from our climate. They frequently product test their pool heating materials for durability and performance in Australian conditions.

We’ve come across many competitor brands that needed to be fixed and replaced. They use inferior products and materials such as rubber-based systems that just don’t last! Read our blog “Rubber-based vs Non-Rubber based Solar Systems!” – coming soon.


Most importantly the products speak for themselves. They are made from top quality materials and actually stand the test of time. Sunbather solar pool heating systems do last beyond their 15-year guarantee, especially with the recommended bi-yearly service. We have seen many Sunbather solar systems last 25-30 years!

Efficiency and Sustainability -

Decades of development and fine-tuning have enabled Sunbather to produce efficient products and pool-heating systems that make the most of the suns energy to warm pools all whilst saving the household energy costs. You may think that all solar products are efficient and at the least environmentally friendly, but unfortunately that’s not always the case. However, Sunbather products are Industry approved and Climate Care Certified through SPASA (Swimming Pool and Spa Association of Australia Ltd) for their energy efficiency and sustainability. This means that they are water and energy savvy, have noise reduction measures where necessary and use efficient and eco friendly designs and innovation.

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